Like a lot of start up enterprises liberally using the word ‘we’, there’s actually one person at the centre of Four Score and More, deeply immersed in (at least co-running) each of the projects. That person (also writing this text) is:

Fortunately for him (me), a growing number of great people are contributing to ‘Four Score And More’, either as directly involved collaborators, or in important advisory roles. Here is some info on them:

Collaborators and Credits

Scores of Scores

Cut Outs


  • These files are based on public domain transcriptions by Jay Wilson and (like most of our offerings) made using code built on top of the music21 library. Thank you Jay! Thank you music21!


Simple Harmonic Motion

Scored-up Scores


  • Thanks to the people and teams who produced the score transcriptions on from which this data is extracted (several as detailed on that page).

Advisory Team


Grateful acknowledgement goes to

  1. The University of Cambridge for funding in support of ‘Scores of Scores’ and ‘Cut Outs’. Here are the specific funds and remit of our activity in those areas:
  2. Cornell University where I am employed as ‘Postdoctoral Associate in Computational Music Theory Pedagogy’ to continue providing these open source digital music theory teaching resources. Thanks to Cornell’s Faculty of Music and Active Learning Initiative for creating this inspired and unique post and thereby supporting the projects to emerge since mid 2018.

Thank you all!