Like a lot of start up enterprises liberally using the word ‘we’, there’s actually one person at the centre of FourScoreAndMore, deeply immersed in (at least co-running) each of the projects. That person (also writing this text) is:


Fortunately for him (me), a growing number of great people are contributing to FourScoreAndMore, either as directly involved collaborators, or in important advisory roles. Here is some info on them:


Advisory Board


Grateful acknowledgement goes to the The University of Cambridge for funding in support of Projects 1 and 2. Here are the specific funds and remit of our activity in those areas:

Additionally a number of partners have come together to put on the ‘Scores of Scores’ Launch Event (details on that page).

Finally, from mid 2018, I (Mark Gotham) will be working as a ‘Postdoctoral Associate in Computational Music Theory Pedagogy’ at the beautiful and brilliant Cornell University in up-state New York. The role is directly relevant to FourScoreAndMore’s activities, and the powers that be are committed to open source, so the show will go on.

Thank you all!