The ‘Working in Harmony’ app is coming soon to Four Score and More. This app will offer automatic feedback on any Roman numeral analysis you upload, and for absolutely any music you have available in a suitable format.

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  • This page: simple, ‘how to’ instructions for using the app.
  • Notes for Analysts: detailed instructions for how to encode your harmonic analysis in Roman numerals.
  • Behind the scenes: more about how the app works along with our policy on improvements and data protection (we don’t keep any personal data).

How to use this app

  1. Choose a score freely. You can use anything you have access to in an ‘encoded’ format (midi, musicxml, Sibelius, Finale, etc.). If you don’t have a particular score in mind, then here are 500 lieder to choose from. Use the dropdown list to download your chosen score:
  2. Annotate the score with your analysis, following the instructions here.
  3. Upload your score in the compressed musicxml format (.mxl). All music notation software packages export to this format, (usually in the same place that they offer export to pdf).
  4. The system will evaluate your work and provide a new score, with the analysis included on it along with feedback.
  5. Corrected any errors you find and re-upload as many times as you like.